TREASUREBOX: A Family Story and Scrapbook Maker

This project shows how different user research methods provided the basis for innovation. The Treasurebox prototype and concept video show the outcome, a way to collaborate with family to tell and preserve the family story.

METHODOLOGY: Adapted Design Thinking Methodology with bespoke research methods.

OUTPUTS: Personas, User Scenarios, SWOT, Hi-Fidelity App Prototype and website.

PROCESS: View the process below.

Methodology Diagram | Charlotte Ansell
Research Thematic Analysis

Qualitative Interviews using Photo Elicitation allowed people to talk openly about their family needs and worries. A Thematic Analysis was supported by market and business research.

Defining Personas and User Scenarios | Treasurebox

Personas and User Scenarios came from the early research and informed the project roadmap which informed the design an testing frameworks.

Ideation Methods | Treasurebox

Continuing the UCD methodology I facilitated a Card Sort Workshop which gave an early feature and architecture plan to bring forward to paper prototyping.

Paper Prototyping | Treasurebox

Key to the emotional engagement of the product was the personalisation and encouragement of story building. Axure was used to prototype and test as it's robust nature allowed for that level of interactivity.

This video shows a screen recording of one of the user tests.

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